Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday Bash Blog Hop...A Tribute to Tinkerbell!!!!

It's hard to believe that LCOM is 1 year old. Thought it would be nice to take a moment to pay tribute to the lovely gal who has made this all possible. Not long ago she celebrated the big 40! Now she's celebrating another milestone, her baby turning one!!!!Are you digging the birthday celebration so far? I know Tanya's got more up her sleeve. She's posting challenges all weekend and Liz Hicks from Tattered Angels is going to be chatting with us tomorrow evening. Tanya...aka Tinkerbell...flits around sprinkling her magic and her love throughout the boards. She is the glue that holds us together. Here's one of her layouts with a pic. for those of you who don't know her. T...we love you!

I asked a few of the girls on the boards how they feel about you and here's what they said. You might need a few tissues.

I knew who Tanya was but never met her before. Now that I know her better after working on Let's Capture Our Memories" Card Design Team, I can say that she is a real sweetie. I have never met a person who is so driven in all my life. With all that she does here and running two businesses, and best of all, home-schooling her children, just blows my mind. I always love to meet folks who go out of there way to help others. Folks who like to give everyone a chance. She is one of these people. She has extended her hand of kindness and generiousity to me on several occassions and I am so grateful. Wishing you much sucess in this new year. Praying for nothing only good days and much happiness in this new year of business!
Love & Hugs, Dana

Tanya amazes me with her ability to do so many things at the same time and to make it look easy (which of course it is not). She has so many good qualities that it would be hard to talk about all of them in just a few sentences but I will try..... she will share but not complain, she will listen but not judge, she will open her heart and never expects anything in return......she is a true friend to me and I consider it a privledge that she calls me friend and means it. Luv you T!!! Crafterbeth

It's hard to say what Tanya means to me in just a few words. Tanya is the reason I still scrap. She took a chance on me and asked me to be her DT Coordinator, sometimes I still can't believe that I get to do this!Tanya is so many things. An amazing person, mother, friend, daughter, teacher, enabler haha! It will never cease to amaze me the things that she can accomplish. I think that if she put her mind to it, she could do anything. Her children are so lucky to have her. I feel very lucky to count her as one of my dearest friends. Tanya - I love you so much, and I always will! Amy (Bella)

She is indeed a special lady!"What impressed me most after meeting "Tinkie" was her warm personality.
Very kind to everyone, loving, and most generous of her time and talent."Tinkie" is very hard working and has made LCOM the greatest place for us all to enjoy"Hugs,Gloria (happy)

Tanya is such a genuine person. She always has a kind word to say no matter what is happening. I appreciate her positive presence on the forum and, love chatting with her on MSN!! Thank so much Tanya for always being real! Susan C.

I think she is amazing and I doubt that she ever has time to sleep because she is so busy! I admire her creativity and talent as a scrapbooker and love her willingness to order in the best and latest products in the industry. Even though we've never met, I feel like I know her and would love to crop with her and the LCOM girls one day! She makes LCOM a warm and welcoming place.
Heather (dollymix)

Tinkie is the most generous person that I know and she means the world to me!!! She has a kind word for everyone and is very loving!!! Love U Miss Tinkie!!!


Please please please add your message in the comments if you would like. This was a last minute wonderful idea I had on the way home from work today and I PM'd the girls I saw on line when I got home.

And guess what???....the next stop on the blog hop is Tanya Munn, so you drop on over and give her some more LOVE!!!!

If for any reason you have trouble with one of the blogs on the blog hop...come back here and click on the next blog. Happy blogging!!!!!


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LynneForsythe said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love this place!!

CanadianScraps43 said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Monique said...

Happy Birthday to the Best Scrappy site!!

Tanya said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! you are right... I needed some tissues for sure!!

I love you all!!


JJ Sobey said...

Miss Tink - I don't know how you do it all - I really don't! You're freakin' amazing! I would love for a chance to meet you someday (and I'll try to wear something cat-hair-free, ha ha!)

Darlene D said...

Thanks for all you do for us Tink and for the confidence you inspire in all of us. Can't wait to give you a big warm Darlene hug someday!!!

Gisèle said...

virtual ((((hugs))) my dear. Love you and your scrappy place:-))

Jerusha said...

Tanya, I don't know where you're hiding your cape...but you really are Wonder Woman! I don't know how you do all you do in the little time you have in a day. You're amazing!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday LCOM! Thank you Tanya for ceating this place and being so welcoming to a newbie scrapper. I am very glad to have LCOM as my scrappy home. Hugs to you Tink!

JMCPhillips said...

Happy birthday Tink! You have developed a great site, and should be very proud! Just getting to know my way around, but really love what I see! Hugs!!!

melw said...

Tanya you truly are amazing!!!! I don't know how you do it all and do it all so well!!! LCOM is a fabulous place to be and it is my scrappy home, I love it here!!!!

Guiseppa said...

You know I love you pretty lady! Thanks for loving me back! I am so happy that LCOM is one! Thanks for letting me take part in this wonderful site!

Michelle said...

Happy! Happy! Happy! Day! Thanks for the inspiration!

Bella said...

Love you Tinkie!!!!!!!!!!

JoanneK said...

Big huge hugs to one fabulous lady! Tanya, you make this place warm and welcoming....we all love you!

Martine said...

Happy birthday!! thanks for making LCOM what it is! :)