Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Scrapper of the Month!!!!

Please join me in congratulating our August Scrapper of the Month - EmilySue!!!!

We are so happy to have Emily as part of the LCOM family!! Emily has been around since the beginning of LCOM, and has come a long way in her scrapping style, and has made some great scrappy friends!! I must say, I love her Tim Holtz style!!!

I asked Emily to tell us a bit about herself, answer a few questions, and share with us a few of her fav l/os!!

A little bit about me...

My name is Emily Thompson, but I go as EmilySue on the boards. I have been scrapping in some form for quite a few years now, it got really intense in college when my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship and I began sending him love letters (cute right?) with decorated cards. When we became more serious and started a life together, I decided to begin putting together albums and layouts to document our growth as a couple. I hope that my layouts will one day be cherished by family members who will look through them and develop an appreciation for who I was before I became a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt ... I am not any of these things...YET.
I live in the Maritimes with my golden retriever King and my hubby Keith. I am described by most people as a simple person with unique likes and dislikes. It's true, there is no rhyme or reason to what I like, no genre, etc. I just like what I like, and stay away from what I don't like.
My days are spent in the field of early childhood education where I guide other educators and also get to play with some awesome kids!! How great is that!
Thanks for reading about me, I hope I didn't bore you!

My guilty pleasure is...watching trashy tv! I love cribs, Trailer Park Boys, Family Guy, Cops...the list goes on and on. I'm not sure what attracts me to them, but I can't get enough! Thank goodness for cable!

I couldn't imagine life without...My dog, King. Its hard to imagine what life was like before we got him, he brings so much joy to our lives. I can't remember what I used to spend my time doing before I had to get up and walk the dog, feed the dog, brush the dog, snuggle the dog, etc.

You would never guess it but...I have a terrible potty mouth. A lot of people are really surprised to hear the things that I say sometimes, apparently my sweet innocent first impression is misleading.

I would love to win a shopping spree to...LCOM!!! It's where I shop all the time anyways, so why not have a little spree!!

My favorite scrappy item in the LCOM store right now is...Anything Tim Holtz!!! I am drawn to anything to do with Tim - his book, his inks, his stamps, his embellishments, I love it all, and I especially love that I can harass Tanya for more of all my fav Tim things!

If I could be on any game or reality TV show it would be... Probably 'Wheel of Fortune' because I want to spin the wheel and yell "Big Money"!!!

If a genie granted me three wishes I would ask for... the genie to leave everything alone please. I'm more of a 'let the chips fall where they may' kind of girl so I won't ask the genie for anything, I'll keep working at this life of mine the best I can.

My least favorite chore is... emptying the sink after I wash the dishes. I'm not sure why, but I hate reaching in there and pulling the plug. I usually leave it, the house boy gets it eventually.

I have a scrappy crush on...You guessed it, Tim Holtz!! I think everything he makes is absolutely wonderful! His products are supreme, his talent is unbeatable, and his little smile is so dang cute!

Here are a few of Ems fav l/os!


Danielle said...

Congrats! Your layouts are beautiful!

Dawn said...

Congrats!!! Your layouts are just wonderful and such beautiful products you used.