Monday, November 28, 2011

*{Make the MOST of your Monday!!}*

I am sure the weekend seems like it is never long enough, at least it's like that for me!!!

I spent this weekend trying to organize my scrap room...which of course took sooooooo long because I am a self admitted scrap hoarder....geez!

I started my layout and kept coming back to it when I needed sanity centering!!! :) (added into the mix was helping the kids with their procrastination of school projects...because they take after their Momma!...and various home improvement from the he needed minor assistance)....coughcoughtryingtostaycalmthroughallofthisdidn'tgoassmoothlyasplannedcoughcough...and I ended up banishing everyone for a few hours. once again reminded me that I needed to make time management a bigger priority in 2012...and yet it reminded me that even though they all drive me crazy I can't help but smile each time I look at them. :)

Here's my're probably thinking..."How much more can you cram on there Shannon?"....but I just kept adding and adding until I felt it felt finished, there is no wrong or right way to build your page!! (Remember that when you are not happy with how something is turning out...not saying I experienced that or anything)...thanks for letting me share with you!!

Materials used:
I used American Craft alphas from the store too...but they are sold out, lol! :) So you'll have to improvise!!

Have a great Monday everyone!!! :)


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dlwidder said...

Great layout! Love how it's pieced together. Gorgeous fall colors. TFS!