Thursday, March 29, 2012

*{Spring has SPrUNg!}*

Well at least here in Georgia it has...and the Morgan household is in a Spring-filled disheveled fury! One of Patrick's teacher has joked that pre-adolescent hormones are flying all over her class and she is barely getting by. "They're cuh-razy!" ....and I believe her based on the craziness of the two footed and four footed children in this house!

Here's a layout just for the occasion! Cinna and Meg seem to "make excuses" to go out. Feasting on the fresh grass and chasing each other and all the woodland animals who taunt them endlessly. Happy, happy girls. :)

I used Jillibean Soup Hearty Barley to create this layout. :) 

You can find these and so much more in the LCOM store!!! Get going and pick it all up before it's gone!! :) Happy Thursday!!!

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