Saturday, September 15, 2012

Easy Hidden Journal Tag

I often like to add journaling to my pages.  Sometimes it's right out in the open on the layout, and other times it's hidden, either because of it's sensitive nature, or because I don't want to throw off the balance of the design.  It can be tricky trying to figure out a way to hide your journaling.  I almost always end up creating my own journal pocket.  I usually sew a little pocket together, but today I'm going to show you a quick and simple way to create a pocket without a sewing machine.

The biggest help with this is some sort of narrow double sided tape.  This one we sell in the LCOM store is nice and narrow, and really tacky, this would be perfect.

I either use a scrap of cardstock or an office supply tag as my journal spot.  Sometimes you can even use an actual journal card, like I did on this layot.

I decided this time to decorate an office supply tag using stickers from this sheet in the Carta Bella Beautiful Moments collection.
I should note that I always create my layout first with exception of the journal spot.  This will help me decide on size and placement.

To create/decorate the journal tag, I first cut the shaped journal spot sticker in half vertically.  I then stuck in onto the end of my office supply tag.  I used a scrap piece of cardstock to place under the sticker making it more durable, and keeping it from sticking to my layout, as this is the part I'll need to pull on to reveal the hidden journaling.

I then cut out the journal sticker from the scrap paper using my craft knife.  Once that was completed I need to figure out placement on my layout.

To create the envelop.  I simply used strips of double sided tape placed closely to the sides and bottom of where my journal spot will lie on the layout.  This will create a natural little pocket once the matted photo and papers are stuck on to the layout, keeping the journal tag from sliding out of place.
What you're seeing is the reverse side of my matted photo cluster
**Note** You will not remove the backing from these strips of tape as then the journal tag will tend to stick to the tape inside the pocket once it's placed on the layout.  Leave the backing on, and you will not encounter that problem.

Add adhesive to the edges of the matted photo cluster and stick it to your layout. You are now ready to decorate the rest of the tag and add your journaling.
I used two more stickers from the Carta Bella sticker sheet
Tuck your tag into your new formed pocket, nd you're done.  Easy peasy, and no sewing machine required.  Here is my finished layout.
See how journaling would have thrown off the design?  This way I have a design I'm happy with and all the memories safely recorded on a hidden little tag.

Here are a couple more layouts that have hidden journaling done the same way.
 Hope you've been inspired to give it a try.

All the Carta Bella product I used can be found in the store, here.

Happy Saturday friends!


lisaplus6 said...

I love the way you did that Sherri!! I love hidden journaling for those more personal "love letters" :)

Michelle said...

This is awesome Sherri!