Sunday, September 21, 2014

Product Shuffle : Ribbons and Buttons

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another installment of product shuffle with me, Jocelyne.  I will attempt to take some of my scrapbooking supplies that are lying around my craft room and use them in unconventional ways. Just like the inpiration station posts, the product shuffle will now be a monthly feature, posted on the 20th of each month. 
This week, I solved one of my daughter's decorating problems.  She had momentos and pictures of her sister taped directly to her wall.  She wanted to showcase them, put them where she could see them, without damaging the momentos or the wall.  It just so happen that I was cleaning their craft room and came upon one of her old paintings.  I had stocked up on canvases a few years back and they had fun with paint.  They each chose their favorite and as I was about tho throw away one of the rejects, I had an idea.  I was going to make a memory board! 
Fist step was to get some foam, some fabric and a stapler.  I placed the foam directly on top of the canvas and the fabric on top. 
 I then proceeded to staple the fabric to the canvas frame making sure to stretch the fabric tightly over the foam. 
Once all the sides were secured, I took out my ribbon and arranged them in a star shape starting from corner to corner and then side to side.  I then took a heavy cord, a few buttons and a thick needle. I sewed the middle of the canvas, securing the button, the ribbon to another button underneath the canvas (the fabric, ribbon and canvas are sandwiched between the two buttons).  I then stapled the ribbon to the back of the canvas frame.  
 It was super easy to do and my daughter was very happy with the final product.  I did not put alot of embelishments on the memory board, as I wanted her to be able to add more momentos, pictures or other souvenirs to it herself.  
Final step was to add a red ribbon around the whole project to frame it a little better.  Here is the final product

Everything is accessible, and she can add to it as she likes.  I used some Stampin' Up ribbon, American Craft Thickers alpha, and a button and red ribbon I found in the bottom of my craft bin.  I also used Ranger Glossy Accents to glue the ribbon around the frame and to glue the thickers to the fabric. 
I hope you like it and are inspired to create your very own memory board.  Join me again on Saturday for an awesome sketch reveal and again on October 20th for another product shuffle.  
Have an awesome day!


Gisèle said...

Wow Jocelyne, you are one ispiring lady!!!
Super project!!

Cher K said...

Thanks for postiing such a fun idea.