Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meet The Design Team!

Good morning!

Fall is upon us, I think... well at least the calendar says it's late October.  I think Mother Nature is enjoying some time off in the South where it's still warm and sharing it with us before Ol' man Winter starts his nonsense!!

We put out a Design Team Call earlier and the response was overwhelming!!  I'm always so honored with the response to each call.  There is such amazing talent in this scrapbooking world and it makes me all warm inside to think that so many of you want to share your talent with us!  I'm truly blessed!

So without further adieu, meet our next Design Team!

Aurélie Cormier
Beatrice Lawson
Brenda Caldow
Cécile Lavoie
Cheryl Kosakura
Christine Perez
Christine Santos
Diana Poirier
Elisa Delora
Fernande Brideau
Gisèle Julien
Heather Robertson
Isabelle Elliott
Janice Yue
Jocelyne Roy
Kelly Carroll
Majo Wybranietz
Nadine Carlier
Shirley Mascarina

Help us welcome the following Guest Designers to our team!

Brianna Marshall
Lynn Lefebvre
Sabina Galfre

Joining in with our Design Team are these amazingly talented Sketch Designers!  I'm so very excited to welcome them to our Team as well!  

Laura Whitaker
Emma Stafrace
Shirley Mascarina
Isabelle P. Doucette

Who's excited to see what all these talented ladies will create?  Me! Me! Me!  Join us on November 8th with the first reveal! 

Happy scrapping!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What an amazing team! Congrats everyone!!!!!!

♥ Lynn said...

Sweet! Looking forward to the next challenges and seeing everyone's creations :)

Majo said...

Hello from Germany. So exciting :) Looking forward to work with all you ladies ♥

Aurelie said...

Youpi! Youpi! Youpi! I'm SO happy to be part of this wonderful "family" of designers!!

Sabina said...

Happy to take part to this great new adventure with such talented ladies!!

Shirley Mijares Mascarina said...

Yay! Congratulations ladies! Looking forward for another fun and exciting scrappy term! Cheers!!!

Beatrice Lawson said...

So excited for this new term!! Congrats ladies and thank you Isabelle!

Gisèle said...

Woohoo, we are a rocking scrappy design team !! Cannot wait to work with everyone :) 💓

Brenda Caldow said...

Yay to being back. Welcome to those new and good to see those who have returned. Another awesome time ahead and I look forward to the fun and seeing everyone's creations. Thanks Isabelle.