Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Product Shuffle : Gift Bag

Good morning!

Whenever I receive a gift in a gift bag, I always save the bag in hopes that I can reuse it someday.  I have lots of pink princess ones at the moment since my daughter just had her birthday.  I was looking through my stash yesterday to find one to give to a friend of mine but could not find a suitable one. So I dedided to make one, well modify one....

This is the bag I had.  It did not seem right since the gift was not wine.
So I started bu cutting the bag to 12 inches high so I could use one piece of paper to cover it.  Once I had the pieces of paper the righ size, I scored them, using the bag as a guide.
I then glued the paper onto the bag and added some Prima flowers and butterflies.  I also added a gift tag by fussy cutting one of the pattern paper in my scrap pile.
I also added some pretty ribbon I found lying aroud
Now the gift bag if all ready to meet the birthday girl. So much nicer than what it used to look like
I hope she likes it and I hope you like it too!
Have a great day!


Gisèle said...

wow, anyone would totally love to get this bag, gorgeous :)

Aurelie said...

Awesome idea and that flower cluster is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!