Friday, December 16, 2011

*{Heart-Filled Friday}*

Happy Friday!!! Holy cats where did the month go? We're staring down the week of Christmas and of course in my "House of Procastination Insanity"....there's craziness abound...2 class parties to help organize, hunt and gather for, finishing up last minute purchases, Mackenzie has a last minute project due Monday, preparing for my Momma to get here, and then Karl's father and brother, sister-in-law & niece, teacher gifts, Karl's gifts, my Momma's gifts, mailing my Dad and Step Mom's present..the crazy list never ends...and my cards are no exception...I am a full out procrastinator....and I came up with wonderful cards...cute, simple, already had envelopes....and what's the problem with this you ask?

Oh, I came up with them yesterday, bahahahah! And I have about 30 to make....I have made 3. SO in my typical Shannon-ish fashion everyone will get their Christmas cards fairly close to Christmas as they do each year, and smile to themselves and shake their heads and say..."That's our Shannon."....and it's ok...because I literally do it every year...every year I have the intent that I will not be late, that I will not overschedule myself or create lofty goals for myself...and every year I do, and it's ok. Really it is, and if you are suffering this same craziness, then I am right there with you!

I wanted to share with you one of my 2 simple card designs....and I am thankful to say that while I am a procrastinator and have decided that part of my day today will be spent baking...that my cards will go fast because for once I did not try to overcram the card with and kept it simple. :) I know some of you who follow me, just snorted.

Here is the card I created using great stuff available in Tanya's store!!


Michelle said...

Beautiful card! Love the black and white outline!!!

dlwidder said...

Wonderful card! Love your signature style! TFS!