Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{Wrapping Up January}

How will you remember January? Did it go by like a blur? Or maybe it dragged on, incredibly slow...however you remember January...I hope you take the time to mark the occasion. (The good and the bad.) Our January was quite full of ups and downs, we accomplished a lot amongst all of the good and bad.

I promised myself that this year I would document all the little things, even more so than I already do. I am a stickler for small details and this project I have endeavored upon is perfect for me. I encourage you to document the everyday things.

January isn't as detailed as I wanted because I had every intention of going week by week or even documenting specific days. I settled on a month page for January....and will stay on top of February. I will try to share these in future posts too. :)

Here's January of my sort of *project-y life* ...I didn't want it to be defined. I wanted it to be free flowing leaving room for things that may need to be documented more than others. Sometimes there are pivotal things that need more thought.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the Morgan's January and it encourages you to do the same. :)

Black Finepoint Tip Sharpie in Black
Bic Mark-It Ultra Fine Point Rambunctious Red, Hot Aqua, Deep Blue Sea & Fandango Pink
Stickles - Icicle

Thank you so much for looking!!! :)


Michelle said...

This is amazing Shannon! The journalling and doodling OMG! You are my new idol!

Gisèle said...

So freaking cool!!

pierides said...

Wow!! That is gorgeous!

Tanya said...

I do not have enough words!!! this is just WOW!.. fabulous, amazing... umm WOW!!