Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's talk versatility

So, this month, I though I would take a different angle at my assignments. I browsed through the LCOM store and there was SO much I wanted to get - and sadly, I couldn't!!! But, there were ways for me to get some of the things I really wanted and not break my budget either!

The main thing I got was a couple paper pads - nope, not 12x12 - 6x6. Really, the main difference is that the patterns are smaller in size - but really - I don't think it makes a difference!

Here is a page I created using just a 6x6 paper pad + 1 other 12x12 sheet for a base for the layout:

You can tell that the patterns are smaller -but I think it fits! Check out closer up and see.
 The patterns on the papers work just as good smaller as larger!! If you didn't know... I bet you wouldn't even know it was made with a smaller sized paper!

 and i just have to say that these are my new favorite letters from American Crafts:
*** and they come in a bunch of different colours too ***

I chose a couple lines by My Mind's Eye from the store to work with - but there are 6x6 paper pads by all these manufacturers in the store right now:

other supplies:

I have another project to share with you this week using the smaller size- come back and check it out! :)
Of course, make sure you check out what is NEW at LCOM this month!


Samantha said...

Oh I so so love your layout! and i really love the cluster you have happen here! I totally agree! 6x^ pads ROCK! WHen i fall in love with a collection and want it all...even though i don't have the money i buy the 6x6 and 1-2 of the 12x12..still get what you want with less of the cost! if only all the companys start doing what Kaisers does with thier pads and then we could all have die cuts too!...hehe {HUGS}

Michelle said...

This is beautiful Nicole! I love ths soft colors! Great idea using 6x6 pads!

Sherri said...

Very clever using the 6x6. I have a couple of MME ones that I've been holding onto thinking that I'll make cards day :) I may just have to give this a go. Love your little flowers, and those AC alphas. And I agree, a nap IS the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Tanya said...

SO dang CUTE!!! love the stitching over the title ;)) adorable layout!