Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scrapper of the Month!!!!

Please join us in congratulating our Scrapper of the Month - AURELIE CORMIER!!!!!

Aurelie has been good enough to tell us a bit about herself, answer some questions, and share some of her beautiful creations with us!

About Aurelie! - Aurelie originally hails from Cheticamp, a beautiful Acadian village right on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, NS. Studying in Moncton, she quickly fell in love with NB and has been a permanent resident since 2005. She now resides in Dieppe with her husband, Mathieu, and their almost, but not quite, four-year old son, Louis-Olivier.
Scrapbooking has become an integral part of Aurelie's life. She tries to do something scrapbook-related every day, may it be working on a layout, browsing through online galleries or reading scrapbook magazines. Published in a few editions of Canadian Scrapbooker, her style has been known to be called "rustic", which is fine by her as it enables her to relish in fattening things up with dimension, tearing and texture.
Other than scrapbooking, Aurelie has recently rekindled a romance with reading through a monthly book club she joined at work in February 2012. She also tutors, teaches voice classes and sings most weekends at a few church services around the area.
Aurelie is thrilled to be LCOM's June 2012 Scrapper of the Month.

Let's get to know Aurelie a bit more!

1. My guilty pleasure co-worker’s candy bowl!! I am always digging through it,looking for chocolate!

2. I couldn't imagine my life co-worker’s candy bowl!! No, I’m justkidding. Hee!Hee! I’d have to say sounds in general. Every soundlets me know what’s going on around me even if I can’t see itright then and there: Mathieu coming home from work, Louis-Olivier playing with his cars and trains, supper being ready, summer beingright around the corner (I love the sound of lawnmowers in the earlyevening!)… Everyday sounds are the best!!

3. You would never guess it but...I LOVE football!! I would just love to go see a New England Patriots game when it’s snowing.

4. My least favorite chore the toilets… just thinking about it makes me want to gag!

5. I have a scrappy crush on...Kelly Goree (I gush at the sight of her layouts! I was so excited to meet her at Scrapbook and Cards Today’s Crop &Create event in Moncton!!) and Heidi Swapp (I want to scrapbook likeher when I grow up!).

6. I started scrapping because...I couldn’t NOT try it anymore! I hadalways wanted to scrapbook, but was afraid that my work wouldn’t beas nice as my sister’s. I know! I know! I’ve always comparedmyself too much to other people, especially my siblings, but what can I say? I’m a work in progress! I met Cécile (who some of youhave met at crops in Moncton) in October 2007 through work andborrowed a Stampin’ Up catalogue from her. After browsing thecatalogue until 2 AM the next morning (!), I started shopping onlineon some sites that my sister was always talking about. I was instantly hooked!!

7. If I could scrap with any three people they would be...Heidi Swapp (I’m in awe ofher way of just making a project come to life by doing a bit of this, spraying a tad of that and layering it all together. Have you seenher innovative way to scrapbook using file folders? OMG! I LOVEit!), Amy Tan (I love her modern twist and her fabulous way of tying different and unique products together), and any of the LCOM girls because you guys are truly inspiring and so much fun to be with – and always up for a challenge to think outside the box and alwaysthere to offer moral support during a one-hour challenge!! ;)

8. I love scrapbooking’s the first hobby I’ve ever stuck with. Like many of you, I haven’t looked back since that first purchase so manyyears ago. There is and will always be a picture to scrap, a card to make, a layout to lift, a sketch to follow, a challenge to try, a crop to go to… Scrapbooking isn’t just a hobby for me anymore,it’s a way of life. Nothing beats the rush I feel when I smell a brand new collection of paper!! And what can I say of all the great people I’ve met along the way!?! Life would definitely not be the same without fellow scrappers’ life stories, seeing their kids grow up through each layout, continually being inspired from each other,growing together artistically. Scrapbooking is the best!

9. My fav thing in the LCOM store right now is...the Heidi Swapp collections. I can’t wait to do a folder project of hers!! I’ve also been eyeing the American Crafts’ Amy Tangerine Sketchbook line as well as the brandnew Simple Stories’ Summer Fresh line. BEAUTIFUL!!

10. I get a lot of inspiration galleries and magazines. I love huntingfor that perfect idea, finding a layout and/or sketch and saying, “Oh that would be perfect!” or “I could and/or should totally try that!”

11. I can't scrap without my...dimensional adhesive, distressing files and my stitching kit. Through the years, my layouts have gone from flat to fat. My heart pitter patters when I see natural shadows from the layering I've done on a layout! And yes, it’s true! I have mini panic attacks when paper edges touch each other!! Hee!Hee!

12. My fav time to scrap is...late at night to the wee hours of the morning. I fee llike I’m the only one awake in the whole world and I find satisfaction in hearing the birds start chirping when I’m just cleaning up after a great night session. I also love to scrap at crops because I find it totally inspiring to scrap with people with their own distinct scrappy styles and who totally get my scrapbooking lifestyle!!

Here are some of Aurelie's fav creations!


Michelle said...

You are one amazing girl Aurelie! Love all your LO's!

Sherri said...

Congratulations Aurelie, love your fave layout shares, so really fun designs, and photos there girl.

Stéphanie Godin said...

Allo Aurélie! C'est Stéphanie Godin, oui oui la petite de 5 pied avec qui t'as habité sur la Massey... C'est fun ton travail, c'est un très beau hobby! Je viens de réaliser que je n'ai pas tes coordonnées et j'aurais aimer te parler d'un petit projet... voici mon Envoie moi un message et je t'expliquerai... bisous et bonjour à toute la famille! :D