Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Masking and Misting

This month, I'm going to show you a few techniques and fun ideas for using mists and canvas. If you've never used mists, don't be intimidated. They really are fun and easy to use, especially on canvas- if you don't like what you get, you can always add water to lessen the effect, or do like I do, and scrub it out with soap and water, and attack again once dry!

Using masks is one technique that is easy to do. you don't even need any special masks, you can use things you already have on hand. In today's example, we're going to use leftover letter stickers!

 Start with some canvas shapes like these butterflies from Maya Road ( it would look great on these buttons too!). 

Add a base of colours of your choice. Here I'm using  Glimmer Mists by Tattered Angels.

 I blot the excess with a rag, and then dry with a heatgun. You will achieve different effects depending how damp or dry your piece is before the next step. 

On this slightly damp piece, I randomly placed letter stickers. they don't always stay completely stuck down, which allows they next colour to blend or bleed more into the damp one beneath.

Here's the result after misting with a Sapphire Glimmer Mist:

Letters on a dry shape, placed closer together:

Gives this:

 ...and this:

 Have fun experimenting with different shades, and letter placements, the possibilities are endless!

Erin Morehouse, Marketing Team Member