Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tanya's Surprise Box Part II

Remember my surprise box from Tanya this month?
One of the items in the box was a Simple Stories 12x12 memorabilia pocket (pictured bottom left box, top left corner).  I was wracking my mind trying to come up with an unconventional way to use this outside of my scrapbook.

In our home we have a lot of papers/notes that need a home from time to time.  For example permission slips, or fund raising forms the girls bring home from school.  There are also checks that need to be deposited, and letters/cards to be placed in the mail.  Because my fridge is stainless steel, I can no longer use magnets to simply tack things onto the front of the fridge.  We found a solution in the form of our garage access door.  It's not pretty but it works as far as tacking papers that need to be returned/mailed/signed/deposited, etc to it with magnets.  It works, but drives me crazy to look at.

Enter Simple Stories memorabilia pocket, ribbon, pins, and stickers.  I used more of my mystery box items to create this...
A cute little pocket to hold all the 'stuff'.  I simply use magnets to hold it to the door and voila, no more eye sore of a door every time I leave the house.  Cute and functional.

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