Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Product Shuffle - Notebook

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge fan of everything Disney.  I was collecting Disney DVDs before I had kids and one of the first item of my bucket list was to visit Disney World.
I have been a few times since then and I am still in love with everything Disney.  We are not going this year so needless to say I am slightly jealous of the few of my friends that have a Disney vacation booked already.
One of my favorite thing that me and my family love to do at Disney if collecting autographs from the characters.  You can buy autograph books from any souvenir shop at Disney but I though I could alter a simple notebook to do the job.  It was a hit!  Not only were the books unique, bigger, we got so many compliments from the characters.  It really did elevate our interactions with the characters.
I made one for each of my girls.  I had them draw the characters they wanted to see before going to Disney, They collected the autographs and then they added the pictures of themselves getting the autographs on the next page. What a great souvenir they have.

So I decided to make an altered notebook for my friend that is going this spring.  All you need is a regular notebook.  I purchased this one at the Dollarstore.
Fist step was to Modge Podge some Simple Stories Say Cheese on the cover.  I fussy cutted some banners on top to add a little detail
I then added some stickers, washi tape and some ribbon to tie everything together
Now here is the finished altered notebook, all ready for the trip to Florida.
It is so easy!  Even if you are not a Disney nut like me, you could alter a notebook in any theme you want.  You could alter any notebook to offer as a journal, or a mini scrapbook to give away as a gift or to keep for yourself.  Plus it is a great way to use up scraps too


Gisèle said...

awesome job Jocelyne, could be used for any trip :-)

Majo said...

Such a lovely place for the memories of that event!