Monday, April 20, 2015

Product Shuffle : Title Letters

Good morning!

It has happened to all of us.  You have your layout almost done, you just have to put your title in. You find the perfect font in the perfect color in your stash, but as you spell out the letters to your title, you notice that your are missing an "E".  You can go about this problem 3 ways as I see it.  Try to find a title that will work with the letters you have, try to find another sticker sheet that has the letter you need, or you could transform the letters in the sheet that you have to make the letters you need.  Let me show you a few layouts where I did just that.  I have tons in my stash, I just can't seem to get rid of my old Thickers
Using the brand new Fancy Pants's Office Suite collection (now available in the LCOM store), I created this layout using a picture I found on my phone that my girls took.
I was missing an "A" for my title, so I created one using two "I" and a dash.
Depending on the type of alphas and the font, you can basically craft any letter from the letters you have availble, especially if you have foam letters.
In this next layout using goodies from the Herb& Honey collection by Basic Grey, I crafted my missing "F" using a "Y" and a dash.
Sometimes, all you need a little alteration to get the letter you want.  Depending on the font, you can almost always interchange an "U" with an "N", a "W" with an "M", a "P" with a "D". You can sometimes get an  "A" by altering a "d" or a "g".  Or like in the next example, use an "A" to get an "E".
Do you see it?  The first "E" in the word selfie is an upside down "A" with a little piece cut out.
So next time you are stuck with a missing letter, take a look at your sticker sheet and try to find a solution.  Sometimes all you need is to look at it upside down to see the letter you need.
Have a great week and be sure to ckeck back in on Saturday for an awesome sketch reveal!

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