Thursday, August 7, 2014

Product Shuffle : 5X7 kraft envelopes


Jocelyne again with another product shuffle.  This week's product shuffle came about after I mistakenly ordered 300 envelops instead of 30!  Yes!  That's 270 envelopes more!  An honest mistake; they came in packs of 10 and a friend of mine said to order 30, I though she meant 30 packs, but she meant 30 envelops.  OOPS!!  So as I stared at my big box of envelops, I had an idea!  Those envelops would be perfect for making a Mini Album!

To make the album, I used my scraps from my stash of Simple Stories Say Cheese and 24/Seven collections.  I had loads of pictures from our Disney trip that was just waiting to be organized.  This was the perfect project for it. 

The first step was taking my hole punch and punching out four holes in the bottom of 6 envelops.  I then tied them together with ribbon I found in the bottom of my ribbon box. 

I embellished the envelops with twine, stickers and also scrap of  Fancy Pants corrugated sheets.

Lifting the envelop tab, you discover pictures from each of the parks.  Isn't this fun!  All my leftover pictures all organized in this fun album.

We had sent ourselves a post card from the park.  It was a little too big to fit inside the envelop, so I decided to glue it on the envelop tab.  If you lift Mickey's hand, you will find more pictures hidden inside the other envelop. 

I love how every page is interactive.

Plus, I was able to store so many pictures!

Not every envelop was used for storage, I simply used some as an interactive flap. 

I even added picture to the back cover.

There you have it!  A completed Disney envelop mini album using envelops.  I really had a blast making this, reminiscing about our trip and dreaming about our next one. You could use this type of album to store picture from any event.  It would also make a wonderful gift.  Plus, I have enough envelops to make 26 more just like it!  Hahaha!

Thanks for joining me today!


Michelle said...

This is just fabulous Jocelyne!!

Isabelle Perreault Doucette said...

Love it!!! This would be the perfect project for documenting our visit to the Star Wars exhibit last year!! Do you have a couple of spare envelops?!! :P

elisa delora said...

Amazing!!!! I have to ask where you got your envelopes! I have to try this! thanks for the idea!!

Beatrice Lawson said...

Oh that is brilliant! Talk about taking a lemon and making fabulous lemonade. Love your mini and it looks fantastic!